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    p would end in fever, and every one is hap▓py now for they were right an▓d I have been laid low for a week.As● there was no one here to take care of▓ me, Ellen requiring great care he●rself, Mrs.Pringle, who adds to her other grea▓t qualities that of being a comp●etent nurse,

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    has been coming ●over every day to take care of me.It is d▓elightful, for she is so clever and (for t●he moment) so sympathetic that ▓I positively enjoy the state of t▓hings except when I am actually bur●ning up with fever.Dr.Dan Tucker is attend▓ing me, and is a delightful ●

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    Doctor.I was burning up with thirst, m●y fever so high and the practice o●f the country is to give water by the▓ teaspoonful in fever.To my deligh▓t and the surprise of the inhabitants, esp●ecially that revered personage, the oldest, the ●Doctor, ordered a pail of water▓ broug

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ht fresh from the spring and▓ put by my bedside with a dear little gourd ▓dipper, and told me to drink ●all I wanted! It was so clever of him, for

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▓it is so much to satisfy the eye and the imagin●ation.I really do not drink so much, but I▓ feel refreshed and satisfied by its presen▓ce and the fac

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t that I can have all I want.I● am sitting up today and so ▓bored by the absence of Mrs.● [Image unavailable.] MRS.W▓ILLIAM

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ALLSTON (NéE ESTER LA BROSSE DE M▓AHBOEUF). From a portrait painted by an Engl●ish artist who visited this country be●fore the Revolution.The portrai

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t▓ was pierced through the left eye b●y a British soldier when hanging in the din▓ing-room of the Allston house in Georgetown, S●.C. {295} Pringle that I have to write t▓o pass the time.Dr.Dan Tucker


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  • put back▓ and secured and we had a
  • very silen▓t ride home in spite of my effo

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was educ●ated in Paris, that

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